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“Hangar rash” is the damage caused when an airplane under tow inadvertently impacts the hangar structure.

Facts about Hangar Rash

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Our Patented Device

Most pilots and FBOs are very familiar with hanger rash. The physical damage caused, the cost of repairs, delayed flights, and increased insurance premiums all add up. Total losses can easily reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hangar Safe™ is a patented device that creates an invisible barrier of protection inside your hangar. It doesn’t require installation on the aircraft, meaning it works with any aircraft that is maneuvering in the hanger. From nose to tail, winglet to winglet, your airplane, and your hangar, are protected. With audible and visual warnings, Hangar Safe™ gives you the extra layer of safety you need.

Hangar Safe™ was developed by pilots and FBO owners. We know the importance of moving aircraft safely.

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Advantages to
Our System

  • Once in place, every airplane entering the hangar is protected
  • No need to install and remove sensors on airplanes
  • Any airplane that fits in the hangar is protected. Airplanes with tall tails, winglets, etc. are all protected
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it do?

Hangar Safe gives audible and visual warnings when an aircraft is approaching the hangar structure.

How does it work?

Cameras installed on the hangar ceiling feed information to our proprietary AI software where the magic of object detection happens. Notifications happen through installed LED lights and a siren.

What do tug operators need to do differently?

Nothing! Tug operators and wing walkers adhere to their existing procedures. There’s nothing to turn on, no mobile devices to carry, no monitors to distract an operator’s view. The system is always watching, never tires, and is never distracted.

Can personnel override the system?

No. Your assets are always protected. Line personnel cannot disable or turn off the system.

Do I still need a wing walker?

Yes. Hangar Safe is meant to augment your personnel and reduce mistakes.

What size hangar works best?

The system is designed for hangars 10,000 sq. ft. and larger. Interested in installing in a smaller hangar? Call us to discuss.

What does it cost?

Hangar Safe is a service billed monthly based on the size of the hangar, plus a one-time installation fee. Monthly pricing starts at $900 per month, per hangar.

Will it warn if one airplane approaches another in the hangar?

We’re already working on it. That feature is scheduled for implementation in 2024.

What do I need in my hangar to make it work?

All we need is an internet connection and wall power. That’s it. We will mount the cameras and a box to contain the computer equipment.

Will I be alerted if an event is triggered?

Yes, if an event is triggered you will receive an email notification with details of the event.